Positano, Italy

I had the most amazing time working with Misha & Adam this November in Positano, Italy. Traveling is one of my biggest loves add that to hair & make-up , I’m in heaven 🙂

Misha and Adam lived in Italy for 8 months and Adam purposed to Misha there. So that’s why this couple from NYC tied the knot in Italy.

I worked with Misha in 2013, she was a Bridesmaid in a wedding I did in Aruba. So she contacted me for her big day and I was thrilled to be a part of this amazing day. I was with her at the rehearsal dinner and even attended her wedding at this gorgeous venue in the evening.

I loved spending time with her , meeting their families and friends.

Hopefully, there will be more of these amazing destination weddings coming up in 2017!

Check out these amazing images, and for more pics of my travel : check out our instagram @mackstylist!

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What to Consider When Booking A Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Dear Brides ,

Let me start by saying congrats on your engagement! Now let the planning begin! Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Unfortunately , it’s not for a lot of Brides. shopping , budgeting,  bookings all can be a bit overwhelming …so don’t be surprised if it isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. However, today it’s a lot easier for Brides to browse reviews and connect on bridal sites such as Weddingwire, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, etc..

Photo by Tyler Boye

One thing all Brides should think about is their Hair & Make -Up budget. Think about it, many Brides put their entire budget into the Venue , Dress & Photography …Hair & Make Up is one of the last things on the list! The truth is without a good hair & make-up team the pictures won’t turn out the way you want , the dress isn’t even a focal point, the awful hair & make-up is.

You could have a dress that is incredibly simple and really have your hair & make-up perfected and look AMAZING!!! So please, don’t underestimate the importance of a good hair & make-up artist before you plan your budget.

I have been doing weddings on-location for 7 years, I have learned a lot from every Bride who I ever worked with. What they need to achieve the look , how to prep the hair and what to consider for different weather conditions to ensure you look flawless all day.

As a hair & make-up artist , we pack our kits in advance, shop for the right products especially you, the Bride.  There has been many times a Bride has a gluten or latex allergy,  we spend time and money building a kit so we can offer professional make-up and hair applications despite all of this. This is something we do before the wedding, which requires time, money and preparation.

In addition, we are the first to arrive on your wedding day. Despite rain, hurricanes, snow storms we are there…sometimes even paying for a hotel out of pocket to ensure that there will be no issues commuting to you on your wedding day.

We are kind of a huge part of your wedding day. Brides even document this in their photo’s getting ready pictures, robes, etc.. The way you start your morning sets the tone for the entire day. So your Hair & make-up Artist have a huge way of influencing your day…

So think about cost per hour of your hair & make-up being the main accessory to your dress. Brides will spend $500.00 + on a veil they wear for 20 mins or a head piece that is an accent to the hairstyle. So why not think about the hair & make-up the same way ?

Last and final thing to consider, we have to create a style that lasts from morning til night, make up that doesn’t budge , a look that you will be 100 % pleased with …

Not to mention in photos that will last a life time. 

Abbye’s & Pat’s Wedding

Abbye was such a pleasure to work with. She came to Mack stylist with no idea on what she wanted. After looking at her inspiration photos , pictures of her dress and understanding her personality and style we came up with this romantic style that matched her wedding day more than we ever could imagine.

Take a look at this beautiful couples Wedding Day!

Images captured by : Love Sick

01_ABBYE_PRINT-38 (1).jpg

Oregon Frenzy – April 2016

This past April I went out to Oregon to visit an amazing Photographer , Kate Woodman. Kate and I worked together a few times before she left Philly to move to New Zealand. At the time she was an architect that was building her Fashion Portfolio in hopes to be a Photographer full-time.

We really worked well together and there is nothing better then finding a creative team that has the same vision ! Soon after her New Zealand project ended , Kate and her Husband moved to Oregon. She decided to take on Photography full-time and now is working with a few agencies.

I wanted to fly out to work with her again to expand my portfolio with new faces and work on different concepts for my portfolio. In 1 week we had 7 models , 3 editorials and 3 designer gowns from Luv Lillie

Here is a sneak peak of what we worked on. I will post the full editorials as they are published !


I recently did a shoot with Kendra Barber from Oregon. She was in New York testing for some agencies and asked me to come do hair & make-up for a few days. I absolutely love New York and the models there ….so it was a no brainier , I’m in! Kendra’s style is amazing, She specializes in beauty photography , check out her portfolio.

Here is Grace’s beauty story , I am very happy with the way this turned out. Clean classic portfolio images , exactly what I needed.